Unique Ways to Invite People to Your Wedding

Inviting people to your wedding is one of the most important things on your checklist – you need wedding guests if you want to create a great atmosphere at your wedding, and why wouldn’t you want all the people you love to be in attendance when you finally tie the knot? However, you might be bored at the thought of sending out traditional invitations in the mail, so there are many different ideas that you can explore in order to find something which is right for you and which gives off the perfect vibe to your invitees.

Image: Shutterstock

Throw a party

You may have already had an engagement party, but try to host another party if not which invites everybody who you are planning to have at the wedding. Some people might not be able to attend, but try to get as many people as possible to RSVP with their attendance, and tell people that they are free to join the party via Skype or FaceTime for a while if they don’t want to feel left out. At a certain point during the party, declare that you have an announcement to make – you can either tell everybody you’re planning to get married here or announce the date of your wedding and the venue.

Nature invitations

You can use the natural world to create some beautiful invitations. You can send these out like traditional wedding invitations, but you will have created them using items found in nature, such as twigs, dried leaves and flowers. If you’re not too sure what to do and how to make invitations using these items, you can contact a designer or specialist in card and invitation making who will be able to come up with a proposal for you.

A timeline of your journey

Creating a ‘love timeline’ is a great way to give your wedding invitees a reminder of how far you’ve come, or to give newer friends and family members a little insight into your background together. You should start off with a line that says where you met, the date, the occasion and how it happened. You can then follow on with the date of when you decided to get together, your first holiday together, the date of the births of any of your children and any other significant dates. At the bottom, write the date and location that you got engaged and then the date of your wedding and where you’re going to get married.

Passport-style invitations

This is a fantastic idea for anybody getting married abroad that is going to involve a lot of people travelling outside of the country. The invitation will still be in the form of a card, but you can have the design like a passport and even personalise each one with the names and nationalities of the people you are inviting. Inside the card, write the details of the wedding date and venue and ask people to RSVP before your deadline.