The Right Time to Tie the Knot

So, you and your long-time boyfriend are now talking about getting married. As a matter of fact, a lot of people from your community, even your close relatives are wondering what’s keeping you from walking the aisle!

 But then again, getting married is not something that should just be decided on a spur of the moment. It might be easier to claim that you will now get married but once you start planning for it, even setting the date can be frightening like it is really happening at last!

The scenario above can happen to everyone and if this is also your situation right now, you can check these tips below for reference if you are having a hard time setting the date:

Consider the weather

The weather should be the topmost consideration when deciding on the date even if you have no plans to have a garden wedding. Especially if you have close friends and relatives who still need to travel just to attend your wedding, like their presence is really special, then you should also consider them.

Consider the possible struggles if you will have your wedding during off-season

Scheduling the wedding during off-season might cut some corners when it comes to your budget. Nevertheless, you should also consider some burdens such as the availability of some of the flowers you might prefer, the venue you have in mind like if you want to have your wedding at Le Crystal, since this is what most couples prefer, and so on.

If you also have it during the weekends, you should also consider the unavailability of some vendors.

Try to envision that particular day

Try to imagine the day you have in mind and compare to the kind of wedding you always dream of. Do you think such time and date can generate such kind of wedding? Note that you can only have one wedding in your lifetime thus this is your only chance to fulfill your dreams.

Be cautious when setting the date on a major holiday

A lot of couples will decide to get married on a major holiday because by then, their expected visitors will be available. However, this should be thought about deeply. Do you want your wedding to be remembered as your wedding alone?

Another thing to consider is the prices of commodities. Because it is a major holiday, facilities and some other commodities might be really expensive as there are so many events to cater. If you think you are just fine with this, then I guess you can have your wedding at this time then.