Planning the Perfect Wedding: Check These 7 Essential Tips!

It’s impossible to please everyone at your wedding, but you can always try. Planning a wedding can be a tedious job, and there are so many things that need attention, including catering, theme, décor, and the main event. Honestly, there’s nothing called a ‘perfect’ wedding, but you can always plan things in a better way. Here are seven smart ideas for your impending wedding!

  1. Keep it small and simple. Lavish weddings need lavish money, and the whole task of managing hundreds of guests can be quite overwhelming, given that most people expect personal attention from the hosts. A good idea is to keep things small and simple. You can focus more on the smaller details with a smaller guest list.
  2. Make a personalized program. Well, people often don’t have a clue of what’s happening at a wedding, and you don’t want your guests to feel the same. Make sure that you have a program chart in place, which should be sent with the invitations. Your guests should know when to arrive and what to expect.
  3. Minimize the ceremony time. Friends and family members would be there to bless you, but it makes no sense to make them wait for long hours. Keep the ceremony short and simple, so that people can enjoy the gathering.
  4. Plan the entertainment. Once you are done taking your vows, the guests would be interested in things other than good food. Entertainment for weddings doesn’t have to be expensive. You can choose something as simple as a wedding photo booth or even a special live program with hired performers. It all depends on your budget.
  5. Make a grand exit. Now that your wedding is over and you are supposed to leave the venue. But how should you make the exit? Well, you can check, to find some amazing ideas for wedding exits, which can be anything from confetti poppers to bubbles, wedding bells and even glow sticks.
  6. Work in advance. A wedding theme is a mix of many minute details, and you need to have time on hand to check and crosscheck things as many times as required. Plan your wedding venue, floral arrangements and décor elements in advance. With most vendors, you can expect to get a better price for their services when planned ahead. Also, advance planning allows you to work around a set budget.
  7. Add a personal touch. Your guests, as mentioned earlier, would like to enjoy the event, and for this, you can do a lot of smaller things. Plan the catering with care and make sure to raise a toast to everyone in the most cordial way. If you have the time, you can also choose to send a handwritten note to everyone, welcoming them to the main event, or even a ‘thank-you’ card crafted in a personalized way.

With a bit more effort, your wedding can be much more fun and exciting for everyone. Take your time, but start planning as early as possible. If needed, you can always choose to get a wedding planner for the entire event. After all, it’s your special day!