Organising the Perfect Wedding

A wedding should be the absolute perfect day for both the bride and the groom, and everything is far more likely to run smoothly if the planning has been done properly and commenced early in proceedings. The average engagement period works out at about 16 months, and that is also quite a good time frame in which to start to put plans for the big day together. The biggest constraint for most people is going to be how much the whole thing is going to cost, so working out your available budget early, taking into account any contributions from the families involved is really the first step, which will influence what sort of ceremony and party is going to occur.

Preparation by the Bride

First thing for the bride is to get a wedding planner with dividers and split it into sections, such as invitation list, potential venue, photographers, clips from wedding showcase events, dress designs, right down to the best wedding florist in Brisbane. Using a spreadsheet on your computer or tablet, will enable you to keep on top of how your budget is fitting in with your plans. Getting all of this information together early means you get the chance to gradually tick one item in and another item off, so that as the big day starts to approach, the big decisions have been made and the smaller issues become easier to deal with. Possibly the biggest point to remember is why you are getting married and focus on that love and devotion, rather than worry about insignificant details. Every time you are planning and the things still to do list is getting you down, don’t forget it is said your wedding day is the best day in your life for a reason.

Preparation by the Groom

Pick your Best man for the big day and get him involved with the planning, from location of the wedding itself and the subsequent reception, remembering the best places tend to go fast, so get in early. Make sure the officials for the wedding are definitely booked as soon as possible, because you really don’t want to tell your wife to be it is cancelled, because you delayed too long. Around the same time you should be drawing up your guest list and think very carefully about your choices.

A few months out you should be thinking about transportation for everyone attending, and accommodation for anyone coming from out of town. And then of course there is the honeymoon. If you are going overseas, check on passport validity, any visas that might be required along with any vaccinations that might be needed. Order the rings and choose the inscriptions (checking when they come to make sure they are correct), and decide upon the dress code. Now you need to buy her a wedding gift. Remember, she expects this to be the best day of her life, so don’t be cheap, get her something personal, that she will always remember. You are supposed to make a speech of some sort, and it is best to think long and hard about it, and try to come up with something sensitive, caring and intelligent.