How To Be The Best Maid Of Honour Ever

If you’ve been asked to be your best friend’s maid of honour on her wedding day, you’re in a position of major importance. The maid of honour has a crucial role to play in both the run-up to the wedding and the big day itself, so it’s a job to take very seriously. If you want to score brownie points with your friend and show off your skills as the maid of honour of the year, you’ll need these first-timer tips.

  1. Be prepared to plan. Wedding planning is a major stress, and most couples can’t handle it alone. As your friend’s right-hand woman, she’ll need you to team up with them when it comes to researching, planning, and making important decisions about the big day. Ask your friend exactly what she needs help with, whether it’s finding wedding reception venues in melbourne or tracking down a gorgeous stationary designer, and be there for her whenever she needs you.
  2. Be patient. When you’re not the person who’s getting married it’s easy to get tired of wedding-talk pretty quickly. Your friend needs your support and enthusiasm, so try to keep a smile on your face and power through the conversations even when you’re discussing table settings for the 70th time that week.
  3. Focus on the hen night. You’ll be in charge of throwing the bride’s hen night, so your primary goal should be making sure everything goes perfectly and your friend has a relaxing, fun time before her big day. Make sure you’re aware of what kind of budget everyone has to work with before you make any decisions, and keep your plans realistic and affordable.
  4. Be honest. If your friend is relying on you to help her make decisions, you’ll have to be assertive and honest when it comes to giving your opinions without offending anyone. For example, if the wedding dress she’s trying on truly isn’t flattering, find a way to say so without ruining the whole atmosphere of what should be an exciting day. Guide her toward decisions in a tactful and caring way.
  5. Be switched on throughout the wedding day. Your role as maid of honour shouldn’t end as soon as the newlyweds have said, ‘I do.’ Help throughout the day and make sure everything is going smoothly – your friend will be relying on you to help keep things on track so she can enjoy herself and finally let her hair down after months of planning.
  6. Offer a calming presence. Brides can naturally get a little nervous when the big day is looming, so offer a calming, supportive presence to your friend when she needs you most. Be willing to talk things through with her and offering a listening ear to whatever she needs to get off her chest. Don’t forget to reassure her when she begins to panic about the details of the wedding
  7. Be the go-between. If the bridesmaids have any questions they need answered before the wedding, take charge and be the go-between so that the bride can focus on herself and the planning still left to do. Field phone calls, set up a group chat, and keep everyone organised. This way, your friend can be confident that you’ve got it all under control.