Getting Ready The Day Of Your Wedding Without Stress

Getting ready for your wedding can be a main source of stress on the day of your life that you will hold most dear. Get rid of all that unnecessary stress with proper planning! When you’re prepared and ready the hours leading up to the wedding can be just as fun as the wedding and reception itself. Enjoy the camaraderie with lifelong friends, family, and loved ones as you all get dolled up for your big day! Below are some concrete tips on staying stress free when preparing for your wedding.

If you don’t have a wedding planner, and even if you do, timelines are crucial! Making sure that everyone is aware of how much time they spend doing a certain activity and quickly moving onto the next one is a great way to make sure that everyone is ready and on time for when the ceremony begins. Many brides cut costs by only hiring one makeup artist and one hair stylists and while this is great for the budget it might not be so great for time. Either hire more than one of these style professionals or keep time in mind when only hiring one. If you start to run behind schedule remember that freaking out won’t speed up time, nothing will be solved by stressing out. Encourage others to move as quickly as possible, remind them of the time constraints, and get things back on track, calmly.

When doing hair, makeup, and dress up the best rooms to get ready in are large and filled with natural light. Large rooms with open spaces allow for makeup and hair stylists to organize their many products around the room. Not to mention the sheer number of people that will be there! Bridesmaids, family members, photographers, wedding planners, and of course the all-important makeup artist. Having natural lighting ensures that each member of the bridal party will look their best as applying makeup in natural light always yields the best results. It also makes for great photos!

Of course while you’re doing all this running around you’re not going to want to be wearing your high heels. Getting a comfy pair of shoes for the hours before the wedding are crucial to your comfort and relaxation. Finish Line has great deals on super comfy sneakers, tennis shoes, and sandals. Enjoy great deals on all your favorite brands. Getting a pair of your favorite name brand sandals for the whole bridal party is a great way to make sure that everyone stays comfy and enjoys their time!

Keep things stress free during your getting-ready tim with a large space, natural lighting, scheduled time, multiple hair stylists, and comfy shoes!