Finding Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

There are few things more important in the wedding planning stages than finding that perfect photographer. While the wedding itself may pass by in a blur of excitement and nerves, the photographer will capture all of those magical moments that flew by in your memory. They’re the one who’ll fill up your albums with the images that you’ll show your grandchildren in years to come. It almost goes without saying, then, that it’s essential to find someone who will do the perfect job on the big day. Use these tips to find the photographer who will capture your wedding in a truly wonderful way.

Value Experience

Your younger cousin who’s just taken up photography may be keen to practice her new hobby on your big day, but she’s probably not the person you should trust with a job as important as this. When it comes to your wedding, you need someone with real experience who you can trust. They should have an extensive portfolio of past weddings you can browse through to get a sense of their style, as well as plenty if positive reviews and recommendations from past clients. Someone well established like Daniel Griffiths Photography is far more likely to deliver a collection of beautiful images than someone who’s new to the game.

Understand Their Aesthetic

Photography is an art, so it’s understandable that each photographer has their own unique aesthetic that will come through when they capture your wedding. It always works best if you intuitively love the style and overall look that the photographer prefers to use when they shoot weddings. If you choose a photographer but ask them to switch up their style entirely to suit an aesthetic you personally prefer, it probably won’t go so smoothly. Seek someone whose overall style is in keeping with how you love photography to look, and whose aesthetic works for the theme and feel of your wedding day.

How Do You Get Along?

While you don’t have to become best pals with everyone who works with you on your wedding day, it’s important to be able to build a certain level of rapport with someone as important as your wedding photographer. Make sure you have the chance to meet them and chat with them before you make a decision. Do you feel like you can trust them? Do you feel comfortable communicating, and do you respect each other’s ideas and personal taste? All of these things may seem minor at first, but can become very important when your wedding day does arrive. You’ll want to feel comfortable that your photographer is working alongside you throughout the process, and you’ll need to be able to communicate with them openly.

Are They Accessible?

Many photographers travel to shoot weddings, so it’s not necessarily important that they live in a close proximity to you or your wedding location, but accessibility in terms of communication is truly essential. If you try to get in touch with a photographer and find that they rarely reply to their emails or pick up the phone, then you probably won’t feel comfortable relying on them on the most important day of your life. Choose someone who will lower your stress levels once your wedding day arrives, rather than bringing up new anxieties.