Designer Destination Wedding Services for that Once in a Lifetime Experience

Getting married is not something you do every day in the eyes of many couples, this is a once in a lifetime experience that deserves pulling out all the stops. Yet, how does one go about planning a dream wedding? Fortunately, there are specialist companies who are dedicated to arranging the ultimate wedding and with your concept and their expertise, the perfect wedding can be carefully planned and implemented. There is no better time to visit stunning locations than on your wedding and whether you prefer a tropical paradise or a beautiful countryside setting, the destination wedding planner can deliver.

Destination Weddings

Over the past 5 or 6 years, it has become popular to arrange the wedding at a stunning foreign destination, and the UAE is a very popular choice for both European and US couples who are looking to tie the knot in style. The Middle East offers stunning desert locations, along with the unprecedented luxury that is Dubai, this stylish city has quickly become the favoured venue for a destination wedding. With the best destination wedding planners in Dubai who can tailor to suit every taste, it is really a question of what the clients are looking for, and by using their extensive network of service providers, they can arrange everything from hotel accommodation to local tours.

Catering for Those Who Want Something Different

Dubai is one of the busiest expat venues in the world and many young couples who live there wish to experience a wedding in Europe or Africa, which is where the destination wedding planner comes in. You might, for example, dream of having an African wedding that includes a safari honeymoon, or would rather pledge your eternal love in the romantic city of Paris, followed by a honeymoon in Switzerland or Austria. Whatever your idea of a dream wedding, an established destination wedding planner can certainly facilitate.

Comprehensive Service

Getting married at home is stressful enough, yet trying to arrange everything when you are a few thousand miles away is nigh on impossible. If you decide to have a wedding in Sydney or Bangkok, the destination wedding planner can handle everything, including guest flights, visas and accommodation, not to mention booking the wedding venue and organising the catering.

Here are a few of the popular foreign wedding destinations where you can plan in Dubai and marry abroad.

Stunning Italy

This romantic country makes for an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination and typically, the wedding planner would have a list of spectacular villas and venues that specialise in catering for weddings. Enjoy your wedding party with vineyards and rolling hills as a backdrop and with great local wines and Italian cuisine, your wedding guests will have the experience of a lifetime.

South Africa

Cape Town is the home of the very beautiful Banhoek Valley, which is the fertile wine growing region of South Africa and this setting is ideal for a wedding party. The organiser would typically be able to offer 4 or 5 different venues, each in its own unique setting, and there would be all the amenities necessary for holding a wedding ceremony and reception. Your guests will be accommodated in period cottages and manor houses and the local wines are comparable to any in the world. Getting married in the shadow of Table Mountain is certainly something you would never forget, and neither will your guests. You could, of course, prefer to be married on one of the many pristine beaches that run along the Cape Town coast, from where you have a breathtaking view of Table Mountain and the sprawling city of Cape Town.

Sri Lanka

Another very popular wedding destination, this magical country has only recently opened its doors to tourists after many years of internal strife, and if you happen to be a nature lover, Sri Lanka offers the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. Whether you prefer gorgeous white beaches or stunning National Parks, Sri Lanka has everything to offer, plus a little bit more.

Exotic Thailand

Always popular for holidays, why not treat yourself, your partner and the guests to an unforgettable wedding set on the tropical paradise island of Phuket? The wide selection of accommodation packages ranges from a 5-star luxury resort to a beach wedding on Phi Phi Island, the location used in one of the James Bond movies.

Sydney Harbour

Another icon wedding venue, getting married with Sydney Opera House in the background can be arranged by a destination wedding planner. The honeymoon can be spent on Bondi Beach and the nearby Swan Valley is also a favourite place to spend a honeymoon, for locals and foreigners alike.

Discuss your Wedding Possibilities with an Expert

If you are living in Dubai, for example, and would like to explore the potential that a foreign wedding offers, an online search is all it takes to put you in touch with a destination wedding organiser, who can tailor the package to perfectly suit you and your partner. The provider would naturally try to tailor the wedding to accommodate all of your requirements and they can source a venue much cheaper than you could, due to their good working relationship with the many different venues they use.

Range of Services

You might prefer to let the organiser handle every aspect of the wedding, leaving you and your partner to enjoy the experience without the pressure of making sure everything is ready on time. Some people have already sourced the ideal venue and only require partial wedding planning, while others simply need some advice. Whatever your needs, the online destination wedding planner has all the resources and connections to plan the perfect wedding, and one that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

If you would like to know more about this exclusive service, Google “destination wedding planners” and a list of established providers will appear on your screen, and with their help and your ideas, the perfect wedding awaits!